For inspiration I looked at microscopic images of bugs, especially spiders. Personally I’ve got a big aversion for spiders, but I found out from up-close they’re actually really beautiful, a beauty you can’t see with the naked eye.

I made a womenswear collection for spring/summer 2012, with the emphasis on the shape of spider legs and with hairy accents. The hairy accents I created though fabric manipulation and digital print. It’s very important to me as a designer that the clothes are comfortable and well made. They have to be wearable, but in this case with an added estranged effect. My best qualities as designer are technique and detail, which too have to reflect in my clothes: the beauty of the garments from up-close.

Photographer: Milan Boonstra
Models: Charlotte & Michelle

Photographer: Rik Versteeg
Model: Carliene Zweers