Linda Kerver, a Dutch fashion designer and illustrator.

Non-stop dreamer, explorer, creative mind

Studied fashion design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, after which I moved to Stockholm to work for H&M in 2012. Here I worked at the ‘Ladies Sports’ and ‘Ladies Modern Classics’ departments for 3 years with great pleasure.

My style can be described as feminine and classical with an edge. One can always find some sort of playfulness in my designs. As designer I'm always looking for innovation, even in a time where almost everything has been done. To my opinion fashion has to be interesting to amaze people. For instance, in my time at the academy I worked on a project  called ‘Square Flower’, where I manipulated fabrics to create something new. Also later on in my career at H&M I was always on the look out for new techniques, like using laser cut or bonded seams in sportswear. My best qualities as designer are my strong technical skills, eye for detail, innovation and being a great and positive minded team player.

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